custom stairs chicago il


Custom Stairs Chicago il

Protop Inc had the opportunity to do some unique custom stairs. Starting from type of wood selection, since each wood has its own color and strength level, we definitely taking it into consideration when it comes to the stairs design and they way it mingles with the rest of the house. Some types of wood are more difficult to wok with, that’s when we need to involve our special custom saw blades, in order to achieve the perfect finish smooth cut and make sure that the stairs look amazing. The undeniable beauty of hardwood stairs enhances any home and can be achieved in just an afternoon. With extensive planning ahead, a little research and lots of patience your dream staircase is within your reach. The seemingly daunting task of hardwood stairs installation is made simply if you follow these careful steps. The materials used for this complex installation are vital. The key materials required include 10-1/2″ deep tread with 1-1/2″ bullnose, hardwood risers, tape measure, sandpaper, miter saw, level, rubber mallet, finish nailer, construction adhesive, compressor, miter saw, grinder and shims. The shims are actually optional. The safety feature for this type of installation is also vital so when handling the power tool equipment for this installation wear protective eyewear at all times.

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